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"Trans-Siberian travel with Montaigne"

Direction Emmanuel Plasseraud
France, 2013

A 18 days long travel from Paris to Tokyo, across 8 countries, using the trans-siberian train and ferries to join my wife in Japan. Before my eyes, faces and landscapes change as Europe becomes Asia. It is also an internal journey by which I, the director of this movie, try to think about my life, my plane phobia which forces me to do this trip without leaving the earth’s surface, and other things. This reflection is made through a dialogue with the only book I brought with me : french philosopher Montaigne’s «Essays».

Running time (minutes): 78
Nomination: Documentary

Emmanuel Plasseraud

Biography: Emmanuel Plasseraud is born in France in 1970. He has directed several documentaries and short movies since 1998. He's also teaching cinema in french university of Bordeaux, and he has written 2 theorical books about cinema, "Cinema et imaginaire baroque" (2007) and "L'Art des foules" (2011).

Filmography: Documentary : 2011 : Bin Mutoh, le peintre et les cent poetes / Bin Mutoh, the painter and the one hundred poets, 49 mn 2009 : Souvenirs de voyage / Travelling, 12 mn 2006 : Ethique du pedalier / Cycling with ethics, 52 mn 2004 : Europe : frontiere est / Europe : east boarder, 52 mn 2003 : L'Acrobate du degel / The thaw acrobat, 26 mn 2002 : 1956, une sale histoire / 1956, a nasty business, 52 mn Short movie : 2010 : L'ile des bienheureux / The island of the blessed, 16 mn 2007 : La femme de Roger Gabesque / The woman of Roger Gabesque, 46 mn 2003 : Nastupiste 2, 18 mn 2000 : L'Univers des insomniaques / The univers of the insomniacs, 30 mn 1998 : Sacres coeurs / Holly hearts, 30 mn


Direction Vladimir Kozlov
Russia, 2008

Yuri Morozov, a pioneer of underground Russian rock of the 70-80s, made more than 60 albums which circulated clandestinely in the USSR and were distributed with amateur tape recorders. The rock musicians of those years were pursued by the KGB, “treated” like dissidents in psychiatric clinics, or simply dispatched without official reason to labor camps. Some never came back. This documentary used the experiences of this musician to examine musical life in those years. We enter the catacombs-cum-concert rooms and follow 30 years of persecutions organized by the KGB, from the Brezhnevian era in a country cut off from the rest of the world, to the dark years of Vladimir Putin. For the first time, we discover the secret archives of the KGB. We glimpse an unknown USSR in the 8mm amateur movies, unseen for more than 30 years, which were shot on the sly during concerts given by hippies and rockers. Through the life of Yuri Morozov, who enjoyed underground fame and later official success, we discover the evolution of Russian society in the course of 36 years. While the Iron Curtain was drawn, Morozov went his nonconformist artist’s way.

Running time (minutes): 69
Nomination: Documentary

Vladimir Kozlov

Biography: Born in 1956 in Minsk.He studied history at the Belarus Stade university. Worked at Belarusfilm as an assistant director ( 1978 – 1992 ). He finished courses for assistant and second unit directors at VGIK (Moscow). In 1992 he started to play and stage performances at French groups. In 2002 he debuted in documentary cinema. Made films for French TV. Since 1992 works in France and Russia, produces documentaires.

Filmography: Documentaires 2002 Music and Colors of Father Leonid 20 min. 2004 The Russian Small Sister from Abbey of Sylvanes 24 min. 2006 Tugan Sokhiev :crescendo subito 26 min. 2006 The Rock underground of Yuri Morozov 2008 The Rock – Monologue 69 mn. 2011 Gagarinland 86 min. 2011 Leonov, the Spacewalker 60 min. 2013 Volga-Garonne 52 min. 2013 Nicolai Greschny 26 and 52 min. Shorts metres 2008 The Tenderness 9 min. 2010 Merry Christmas, Vladimir! 7 min.

"Aladdin and The Magic Bin"

Direction Zikica Jovanovic
Serbia, 2014

More than 20 years,every morning Aladdin is cleaning his city. With the help of his broom and a bin which are magical he cleans the garbage and does not feel tired. The film aims to rise awareness about the environment.

Running time (minutes): 7
Nomination: Documentary

Zikica Jovanovic

Biography: Zikica Jovanovic is economist by proffesion. He is born in Serbia 07.07.1982. Film is his hobby.

Filmography: Nobody around, My baby, The Devils Trickery, Dandelion...


Direction Arthur Yakubov
Ukraine, 2013

Oblivion is a film dogma. Dogma of human existence and awareness. We all live in different worlds from each other, and sometimes our lines have no intersection. Theme of the film is the life of people who differ from us. They differ in emphasis and boundless heart. Look at their lives.

Running time (minutes): 5
Nomination: Documentary

Arthur Yakubov

Biography: Yakubov Arthur Filmmaker Lives in: Kiev, Ukraine Education: KNUTKiT them. IK Karpenko-Kary Institute of Screen Arts, specialization directed documentary (studio of Alexander Koval). Artwork: 2011-2013 Chief director and executive producer of the company "Film Structure." 2007 - 2011 - freelance director, executive producer. 2013 - 2014 - Chief director and executive producer of «Filmmaking Workshop Arthur Yakybov».

Filmography: Feature films: 2006 Feature film "Romance". 2007 Feature film "Grass". 2012 Feature film "Rooster." Music videos: 2011 Music video of "Tabula Rasa" for the song "On the way to the sea." 2012 Music video singer Tanya Dyachenko the song "Pain". 2013 Music video of singer Natalie Orlie, the song «Fly away». 2013 Music video of singer «Subjective» for the song "Mannequin". Documentary: 2006 The documentary film "Sky 20" 2007 The documentary film "One small world." 2008 Documentary film "I want in my life ...". 2008 The documentary film "Who Goes who goes." 2010 Documentary film "Caritas". 2010 Documentary film "Superstition." 2011 Documentary film "Brave guys." 2011 Documentary "Shrine of Time." Documentary series "Little Movies": 2013 Documentary film "Belle." 2013 Documentary film «Raging torrent.» 2013 Documentary film "Oblivion." 2014 Documentary film "Reverse".

"The melting island"

Direction Fariz Ahmedov
Azerbajan, 2013

About the melting island...

Running time (minutes): 26
Nomination: Documentary

Fariz Ahmedov

Biography: Was born in December 15, 1983 in Baku. 2001-2005 year – Azerbaijan State University of Art and Culture, faculty of film director. 2007 year – till now - Rustam Ibragimbekov’s International Cinema School, faculty of producer. 2008 year - one of the judges of «38th Rosht International Film Festival» Iran, Teheran. 2008 year – The training on project and script development for South Caucasian Films. Held by Independent Filmmakers’ Association – South Caucasia. IFA-SC 2009 year – participant of Berlinale Talant Campus. 2009 year - one of the judges of «START International Film Festival» Baku, Azerbaijan.

Filmography: “Commander’s day” – a documentary film, director. 2007 Baku “The old people” – a short-feautre film. director, producer. 2008. “Rhythms of Lahij” – a documentary film. director. 2008 “One step” - a short-feautre film. director, producer. 2009.

"A journey into the subconscious"

Direction Eugene Viktorov
Russia, 2013

The hero of the film seeks the truth, traveling in a lucid dream, constantly communicating with the symbol of his inner voice, overcoming various surreal situation.

Running time (minutes): 33
Nomination: Animation

Eugene Viktorov

Biography: Was born in 1970 in the city of Cheboksary. Since 1990 workers working at the bakery. Interested in audio-visual creativity.


Direction Zacek Pavel
Czech Republic, 2013

A story of a young, pure being that came across a stone, that might be just a relic of sinful acts. A testimony about an unusual friendship.

Running time (minutes): 12
Nomination: Animation

Zacek Pavel

Biography: Born 1988 in Czech Republic. Have been drawing since then. Struggling to be a good person. Cultivating the Love.

Filmography: KAMEN(2013).

"First Fish"

Direction Veronika Goettlichova
Czech Republic, 2012

An old fisherman sits by the sea, catching small glittering fishes, symbolizing his memories. A little girl searches, but doesn’t seem to be able to find her own memory. Instead, she dreams of what life could be when she grows up and keeps hiding her little pink dreams in seashells she finds along the coast. Then one day, the fisherman catches a fish that doesn't belong to him...A poetic story about the importance of memories and dreams in the human cycle of life.

Running time (minutes): 13
Nomination: Animation

Veronika Goettlichova

Biography: Veronika is a Czech visual artist and film maker. She received her MA in Classical Animation at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlin in 2012. Currently, she works both as an animator and a director at Alternative.NOW. As an animator, she mainly works in the field of classical animation, her specialty being stop motion.

Filmography: "First Fish" (2012) - 13 min 25 sec, graduation film "Chameleon's Trip" (2009) - 3 min 25 sec, student film "Survive the Game" (2008) - 9 min, graduation film "Simply Closer" (2007) - 4 min 4 sec, student film.

"You Are So Lucky!"

Direction Zuzana Brachaczkova
Czech Republic, 2013

The short animated film about a hen, thought she had a tough life. The story of duties, the desire for rest, naive envy and absurdity. Hand-drawn animated film You Are So Lucky! tells an amusing story about a hen who feels that her life full of constant hectoring cock, tiresome egg-laying and clucking hens is the worst and tough life in the world. Why not be a dog? For a dog that is so simple! All day he just rolls in his own doghouse and guzzles delicacies. What happens when two naive creatures exchange their roles? Watch the grotesque movie by Zuzana Brachaczkova, film for children and their parents.

Running time (minutes): 6
Nomination: Animation

Zuzana Brachaczkova

Biography: Czech animator Zuzana Brachaczkova from Ostrava is the author of short animated films for children and youth. She started with animation as a little girl in the QQ studio Ostrava and when she was nineteen she decided to study animation at The Faculty of Multimedia Communications in Zlin. Especially she makes up the films for children. Moreover she is lecturer of art course in kindergarten in Zlin. It is helpful to getting into the children's fantasy world and taking inspiration. In the future she would like to create a series of short animated stories and continues the tradition of the Czech bedtime stories she loves.

Filmography: 2013 Ty se mas! / You Are So Lucky 2011 Porucik Smetacek / Little Brush, The Policeman 2012 Tos byl jeste na houbach / The World Before 2012 Mami, hele! / Mum, Look!

"Four children in an Empty House"

Direction Adela Kovarova
Czech Republic, 2013

A short gently horror story about children, who stayed at home alone and their games disturbs something from outside. Maybe just shadows scares them, but maybe not.

Running time (minutes): 2
Nomination: Animation

Adela Kovarova

Biography: Adela Kovarova graduated The Secondary School of Applied Art in Uherske Hradiste in 2009. Subsequently she focused on animator craft on bachelor degree of department of animation on Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Tomas Bata University in Zlin. She finished bachelor degree in 2012 and currently she studies continuing master degree.

Filmography: 2013 - Four Children in an Empty House.

"Double Occupancy"

Direction Fabian Giessler
Germany, 2012

Two old men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource. "Double Occupancy" is a parable about the greed of man - an animated intimate play about the power of imagination and illusion.

Running time (minutes): 9
Nomination: Animation

Fabian Giessler

Biography: Fabian Giessler, born 1980 in Germany. He studied Media Art and Design at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany. He produced several short films that received honours at numerous international Film Festivals. He joined the Bauhaus-University again as Lecturer for Film and Animation as part of the Bauhaus-Film Institute. He works and lives in Weimar together with his wife and little son.

Filmography: 2005 Heimat in der Fremde 2005 Weihnachtsmanns Albtraum (Santa’s Nightmare) 2006 Tyttonen (the young girl) 2008 Zwischen Licht und Schatten (Fading Away) 2012 Zweibettzimmer (Double Occupancy).

"Shades of gray"

Direction Alexandra Averyanova
Russia, 2014

Early 20th century. Saint Petersburg. A boy and a girl meet at the Tsarskoselsky railway station, but get separated a few moments later. As they grow up, the two walk the same streets of Petersburg. However, only twenty years later the mystical connection which emerged between them in childhood, brings these young people back to the place where they had first met.

Running time (minutes): 6
Nomination: Animation

Alexandra Averyanova

Biography: Aleksandra Averyanova was born on the 28th of January in 1974. During 1991-1996 she studied at Herzsen State Pedagogical University of Russia in Saint-Petersburg. Since 1998 she was working at animation studio “Melnitsa”. As a background artist she took part in the following projects: “Adventures in the Emerald City”, “Technology Series”, “Bears-Rescuers” (on Poseidon Film Distribution’s order). >From 2000 to 2004 she worked as an artistic director on “The Dwarf’s Nose” feature-length animation project. Since 2005 Aleksandra worked as animatik maker, animator and layout artist at computer animation studio “Petersburg”.

Filmography: As a director she worked for various cartoon series, such as “Smeshariki” (“GoGoRiki” in USA, “Kikoriki” in UK and ‘Chicorichi” in Italy). Her episodes are: “Lost Apologies”, “Elixir of Youth”, “Ice-Hockey”, “Coach”, “Oh, The Grateful One”, “Sandwich”, “Paired Macrame”, “Australia”, “Milky Bet”, “Monologues” and others. Aleksandra also worked as a director on series “Alphabet of Safety”: “Uncultured cars”, “Impatient Drivers”, “Who Is Quicker”. Serial “Alphabet of Health”: “If You Want To Be Healthy”, “Bitter Taste of Health”, “Who Needs Daily Physical”. Serial “Alphabet of Tolerance”: “Cauldron Doesn’t Play”, “Who To Whom”, “Fly Isn’t a Worm”, “The Best Season of a Year”, “Moral”, “Act of Bravery”. Serial “Smeshariki: “Spartakiad”, “Marmadyuk”, “The Real Bear”, “Nyusha and a Bear”, “Absolute Hearing”, “To Whom To Laugh”, “Duel”, “Great Plans”, “Sophisticated Mechanism of Post”, “Elixir of Adulthood”. Serial “PIN Code”: “Something”, “Meta-Pumpkin”, “Treasurer”. Serial “Phiksiki”: episode “Compass”.

"Men Hide to Cry"

Direction Fabien Guyot
France, 2010

A woman, who has invited some of her friends for lunch, receives an unexpected visit from an old lover.

Running time (minutes): 8
Nomination: Fiction

Fabien Guyot

Biography: Fabien GUYOT is producer in the La BIse au Chat Production company. He's also director when he has time to set free his passion.

Filmography: Titus 2005 Men Hide to Cry 2010 To Your Place ! 2013

"A Chest"

Direction Sabina Sagadeeva
Uzbekistan, 2012

Aisha, who was left without her parents lives with her grandmother, who in turn does her best for her granddaughter. Grandma Habiba is 70 years old and she's being really afraid of her age because she's worrying about the future of her granddaughter. Therefore, she decides to give her granddaughter to another childless family. Different families without children started coming to Habiba's house. The girl has always been exited about the box/chest which was in her house. The content of the chest seemed mysterious to her. Assuming that the chest was for her dowry, she tried to look into it. One day, Aisha heard a conversation between her grandma and their neighbor and she realized that the box was meant to her grandma's funeral.

Running time (minutes): 15
Nomination: Fiction

Sabina Sagadeeva

Biography: Sabina Sagadeeva Ruslanovna born in 1989. Born in Tashkent. In 2011, she graduated from the State Institute of Arts, Department of "Director of Drama." Since 2009 she has worked in the TV studio "Kelajak Ovozi" on channel NTT, with the 2011 journalist on Channel Forum-TV. The author and host of "A different view", "art person", "Golden Fund painting of Uzbekistan", "National food."

Filmography: "What I have ..." in 2011, "A Chest" in 2012.

"First Lesson In Love"

Direction Tomer Werechson
Israel, 2012

A chance meeting of two worlds leads to a love story between a 17-year-old religious girl named Tom and a non-observant street musician named Razi at a train station in Jerusalem.

Running time (minutes): 8
Nomination: Fiction

Tomer Werechson

Biography: Tomer Werechson is about to finish his BA in film and television in Tel Aviv university. During his studies he has written and directed many short films that were screened at festivals around the world and won many awards . These days he works as an assistant director at the Israeli TV Channel 1 and is the head of the video department of the Tel Aviv university student association.

Filmography: "Longing" – a TV Pilot I wrote and Directed . "First lesson in love" - a short film I wrote and directed. "Fariba's Tree" – a short film I wrote and directed. "Best Man" - – a short film I wrote and directed. "Hibernation" - a documentary I directed.


Direction Hana Kotlarova
Czech Republic, 2013

Marianne is leaving the flat of her boyfriend - forever - moving to her secret lover. When Oscar comes home, finds a diary she forgot there. While reading notes full of love morphes from pixilated reality into animated diary world. After a while paradise change into hell - he meets her fancy lover. And they fight for her heart. In the same time Oscar wins and in real world Marianne finds out her lover is a cheater. Lover is kicked out from animated diary and real Marianne angrily leaves him. Looks like happy end... but a diary still has a few unreaded pages.

Running time (minutes): 9
Nomination: Fiction

Hana Kotlarova

Biography: Hana Kotlarova mainly creates 2D animated shorts, does illustrations, she likes combining techniques and focuses on character animation. Animation studies - UTB Zlin (cz), Volda University College (Norway), FAMU Prague (cz), Professional training and network in 3D animation - Anomalia (cz).

Filmography: Finish your game (2010), Romeo and Juliet (2011), Come closer (2012).

"The Vow"

Direction JI Qiaowei
France, 2012

Mrs Jiang, an old Chinese lady living in the Parisian suburbs, is tired of her daily routine. One day, she finds an envelope full of money in a jacket left at her dry-cleaning business. She makes a wish that the client never comes back. Then, curious events begin to happen...

Running time (minutes): 24
Nomination: Fiction

Ji Qiaowei

Biography: Ji Qiaowei is a Chinese director living in Paris, France. She has directed several short films including documentaries like "Entre les cours", selected in the Film Festival of Paris (2009) and the International Festival of Screenwriters (2010), and " Mon train-train sur fond rouge " which won the Jury Prize at the film festival “Filmer le travail !” in Poitiers (2012). She also writes short stories and she wrote a book about 50 European short films, "The Shorts Make the Greats" prefaced by director Jia Zhang Ke (2009, ed. Sichuan Arts & Literature). The script of "The Vow" was awarded by the Grand Prix of the International Festival of Screenwriters. Qiaowei is currently preparing her next short film and works on her first feature film.

Filmography: "Entre les cours", selected in the Film Festival of Paris (2009) " Mon train-train sur fond rouge " which won the Jury Prize at the film festival “Filmer le travail !” in Poitiers (2012).

"Big Willow"

Direction Jared Katsiane
USA, 2013

My big brother has been friends with Willow for a long time. But today he got real scared that she wouldn’t be around much longer.

Running time (minutes): 10
Nomination: Fiction

Jared Katsiane

Biography: Jared Katsiane teaches youth filmmaking in Boston. His award-winning films have screened at over 450 international festivals.

Filmography: Lost In The Stripes, 2012; White House, 2011; Before War, 2010; Houna & Manny, 2009; Smile, 2008; Where Is Estel?, 2007; Fernando’s First Snow, 2006; Everyday Is New, 2006; Girl Climbing Trees, 2006; Superhero, 2006; Solace, 2005; amBUSHed, 1992; New Folks On The Block, 1991.

total entries on participation - 305, countries - 40.

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