"Irpen Film Festival"
16th of November, 2014


11th Irpen Film Festival awards by Spectators:

1 place - Emmanuel Plasseraud "Trans-Siberian travel with Montaigne" (France)
2 place - Vladimir Kozlov "Rock-Monolog" (Russia)

1 place - Eugene Viktorov "A journey into the subconscious" (Russia)
2 place - Zuzana Brachaczkova "You Are So Lucky!" (Czech Republic)

1 place - Hana Kotlarova "Lovebook" (Czech Republic)
2 place - Sabina Sagadeeva "A Chest" (Uzbekistan)

The best movie "Trans-Siberian travel with Montaigne" by Emmanuel Plasseraud (France) was awarded by the main prize of the festival - "Golden Film".

Golden Film - 2014

Dear authors, thank you for the participation in the IFF and for your wonderful movies!

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"The melting island" (Fariz Ahmedov, Azerbajan, 2013)
"Trans-Siberian travel with Montaigne" (Emmanuel Plasseraud, France, 2013)
"Rock-Monolog" (Vladimir Kozlov, Russia, 2008)
"Aladdin and The Magic Bin" (Zikica Jovanovic, Serbia, 2014)
"Oblivion" (Arthur Yakubov, Ukraine, 2013)


"A journey into the subconscious" (Eugene Viktorov, Russia, 2013)
"Stone" (Zacek Pavel, Czech Republic, 2013)
"First Fish" (Veronika Goettlichova, Czech Republic, 2012)
"You Are So Lucky!" (Zuzana Brachaczkova, Czech Republic, 2013)
"Four children in an Empty House" (Adela Kovarova, Czech Republic, 2013)
"Double Occupancy" (Fabian Giessler, Germany, 2013)
"Shades of gray" (Alexandra Averyanova, Russia, 2014)


"Men Hide to Cry" (Fabien Guyot, France, 2010)
"A Chest" (Sabina Sagadeeva, Uzbekistan, 2012)
"First Lesson In Love" (Tomer Werechson, Israel, 2012)
"Lovebook" (Hana Kotlarova, Czech Republic, 2013)
"The Vow" (Ji Qiaowei, France, 2012)
"Big Willow" (Jared Katsiane, USA, 2013)

Some Ukrainian movies about revolution would be shown during the festival.

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IFF-11 poster:

אפטרא -11 (4,2ב)

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